At the bottom of the form is your standard roulette bet. Here you can place the chips on any number you want, or bet the ball will fall on the first twelve (1-12), two dozen (13-24) or three dozen (25-36) numbers. You can also bet the first, second and third column numbers by placing a chip below the column. If you want to bet on adjacent numbers, you can bet three numbers (street bets), four adjacent numbers (squares), two adjacent numbers (segmentation), and two adjacent "streets". (six-line). You can find these bets by placing the chips on a line dividing the numbers or lines, and the game will automatically highlight the number you are betting.



Roulette is built on the legacy of popular European variants, especially the French roulette game with orphans and neighbors betting. Therefore, it is very similar to many other roulette games available for online play. So if this variant is too complicated for you, you can look at some other options that offer similar but less complicated betting options.