Goldbeard and his crew have a desert island base, they start looking for random ships, they can plunder the treasure from it, all you have to do is rotate this 5 x 3 reel grid, which gives players a choice of up to 20 payouts line. Experienced slot players will be familiar with high-altitude plunder-themed games, including Pirate Plunder and Pirate Isle, which have a large fan base.


No one will call you to start this high seas adventure, although you can play it with very small bets if you wish. Choose to play 1 to 20 lines per rotation, then bet on these lines with a line bet of 0.01 to coins to 0.25 coins. This means you can play a minimum bet of a rotating 0.01 coin, all 20 lines are rotated from 0.2 coins, and a maximum bet is only 5 coins rotated.