Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet's gameplay is very simple. You use a coin bet and you can use up to one coin per line. You can activate as many lines as you want and place a bet with a value between $0.01 and $5. So the minimum bet here is $0.01 (or 0.09 cents to activate all in-game paylines), with a maximum bet of $45.





The Dollar Ball system also chooses five random numbers. If you manage to guess all five numbers correctly, you win the dollar ball bonus. On the surface, this little side game doesn't really look like much. But in fact this is a side game with great potential. The dollar ball award usually represents a change in life's cash, and certainly worth playing.


The green machine caused an extreme view of this slot machine. The only symbol you will see shows how much you won. Whether the symbol shows $0.50 or $1,000, they all look similar. Unfortunately, there are many symbols for players who want to take action. It is not uncommon to rotate the display of 15 spaces. All blanks mean you didn't win that rotation. Even some winning spins may seem boring, with only one space showing a dollar amount and 14 spaces.





Some newer Deluxe Edition green machine video slot machines offer jackpots. These jackpots are very important for this video slot machine. The green machine is a highly unstable game, which means you will get a very big win, but there may be a lot of damage between the two wins. This provides a build time for the jackpot. The more money you play, the higher the jackpot.

Zao Chai Jin Bao

Zhao Cai Jinbao did not provide much bonus function. In fact, the only special game element that the player can expect is a scatter icon that wins when appearing on successive reels, and a wild icon for completing the winning sequence of all symbols appears on reels 2, 3 and 4. In other words, the wild icon doubles the value of the player's win when it replaces the symbol to complete the victory. Other than that, there is nothing to say. There are no free spins, no stacked wilds, no special bonus games.





There are some images showing the dragon costumes used in traditional dragon dance performances and the Chinese guardian lions, with all their golden glory. There is also a phoenix symbol representing the renewal and a pair of koi positions in the yin and yang position, symbolizing the good fortune of the coming year. The wild symbol of the game is presented as a man in traditional oriental clothing, while the scatter icon is a golden hat.

Thai Paradise

The most important thing about slot machines is that it can be played using any number of pay lines from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 15. The bet option ranges from 1.00 credits per line to 10.00 credits per line, which basically means that the minimum bet for all paylines active is 15.00 credits, and the maximum bet is 150.00 - the bet for high stakes is not very bad, despite Seeing some smaller options will make more casual gamblers happy.





Because the mysterious scattering is randomly selected from the normal game symbols; regardless of the position of the payline, as long as three or more appear on the reels, the icon will have a similarly scattered power to reward the total bet. An obvious omission in the game's odds table is a wild symbol that can be linked to other icons to complete the victory on the payline. In other words, the rotator will have the opportunity to win more victories through simple gambling games. The double limit for this 50/50, red or black gamble is 750.00 credits.


You will be able to gain your weapon skills from the weapon bonus. If you are asked to select one of the three triggered Scatter symbols to reveal the weapon, you hope to kill this bonus by winning some important prizes. If the symbol you choose shows Sai, you will get 10 free games. If you choose Shooting Star, you will get 14 double-win free games. If you choose 弩, you will get 7 free games and X4 bonus multiples. . No matter which weapon you choose, Elektra can help you hunt and become an ever-expanding No. 2, No. 3 and No. 4 wildlife when it appears, and use it instead of more winning combinations.





In keeping with its brilliant Playtech Superhero slot counterparts, Elektra brings together its own pulse adventures, graphics and personalized symbols, as well as some unique bonus games and features - and don't forget, like all Marvel Slots, there are four Live a fantastic jackpot!

Thai Temple

The temple in the game is wild, while the Golden Buddha is the Scatter symbol that triggers the free game feature (ie free spin). We do feel that developers can do more with Thai themes, from flowers to traditional dancers, Muay Thai boxing and many other Thai traditions and symbolism.





The free game (or free spin) feature triggers when you place 3 or more Golden Buddha scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, which gives you 15 free spins and 3 multipliers. If you drop 3 golden Buddha images during the rotation, you can re-trigger. If you repeatedly trigger the circle again, you can get up to 165 free spins. If you do get this lucky, then you can also get 500 times cash bonus. Symbol prizes range from 2 to 10,000 coins.

Fantastic 4

The Fantastic Four has 50 paylines, with a minimum bet of $0.01 and a maximum bet of $5 per line. When placing bets on all 50 lines, players can spin at least $0.50 each time, up to $500. To start playing real money games, please register and deposit on the Playtech partner website. Then, simply select the number of rows you want to bet and the bet amount for each row to determine the total bet for the rotation.





When a superhero appears on the third reel, it triggers a unique superhero bonus and completely covers it when it is full of free spins. For example, when Mr. Fantastic appears and covers the entire third reel, the player will receive 4 additional free spins, and Mr. Fantastic's role-playing is expanding wildly and giving players a better chance of winning.

Three Kingdom

The game's 20 fixed paylines are placed on 5 reels in all directions, showing the location where the symbol combination needs to land in order to generate a cash prize during the game. Simply set the bet using the (+) and (-) buttons on the red strip below the reel and rotate the reel as soon as you are ready to start gambling. If you are looking for something, the Three Kingdoms still have some sleeves that can surprise players and allow more occasions to win big prizes on the reels.





According to the kingdom of your choice, the corresponding general will become a wild card. Up to 500 points can be earned in the combination. This general can also replace all other symbols on the reels and give you another chance to win prizes each time it appears. In addition, wild animals can grow and cover the entire reel at once.

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