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The Highroad King logo is shown in yellow in the top of the screen with large trucks on either side. Trucks are the main sign of wealth in this game, although you can earn good grades by finding matching combinations of other symbols. As always, all wins are paid from left to right, except for the dispersion, paying any fees. The theoretical regression rate is 97.06%.

Pirate's Treasure is a slot machine game that brings players into the world of pirates through music, sound effects, a series of interesting symbols and background images, adding to the atmosphere. On the side of the screen is an adventurous pirate, wearing blue clothes, holding a machete, and grinning wildly. The anchor of this ship is a wild symbol in this game. In addition to scattering, the wild symbol represents all other symbols in the game to create more potential winning combinations. Whenever a wild anchor plays a role in your winning combination, your bonus will also receive a 2x multiplier.

Many gamers should remember the great adventure game Tomb Rider of the brave young girl archaeologist Lara Croft. In this slot machine game you can see her adventures and help her find ancient sacred idols. The game is beautifully designed to reminiscent of computer games. Lara, the idol, the picture of the grave is used with the card symbols in this game. The atmospheric soundtrack completes the game.

Card symbols, 9, 10, J and Q, all decorated with leaves or branches, all of the same amount, when they stop at 3, 4 or each row, the equivalent bet for each row returns 8 times, 15 times Or 50 times 5 reels. The values of the K and A symbols are 8x, 25x or lucky 88x, respectively, while Little John and Friar Tuck have 15x, 88x or 200x, respectively.

This new online slot is inspired by the legend of "One of the most popular superhero characters in the world - Sun Wukong". Many Westerners do not know that Sun Wukong (or Sun Wukong) is an immortal of the sky from Chinese traditional literature and is now re-emerging in modern pop culture. This legendary warrior is at the center of this original casino game, which is like a mix between roulette tables and online slot machines.

Fig pudding, turkey, a cheesy man cheering for you with champagne, and a sexy Santa wants, this casino game offers a festive atmosphere all year round. But this is the simplicity we like; Christmas time can be very busy, just stay away from it and rotate some simple rotations in the Play'n GO game to pay for Christmas and New Year.

As mentioned earlier, Pirate looks very much like the video slot game you have with such a name. These symbols contain a variety of items directly from Treasure Island, including a pair of machete, treasure maps and boxes, cannons and telescopes.

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