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The symbols are exactly what you expected, the different masks are mixed with the card symbols, with stylized engravings. There is an explorer (probably "Fuld Wilder" himself) who acts as wild. There are some animations on the reels, although these animations are not excessive - such as the spark of a golden temple or the rotation of an ancient calendar. When you hit a victory, the sound is a mix of drums, pipes and cheerful tones. When you stop spinning, you will hear the sound of the dragonfly and the jungle of the background.




Clicking on 3 calendars will trigger a free spin. The wheel here will rotate and rotate, which will select a symbol (it will become an extra scatter plot) and the number of rotations you will receive, from 10 to 20. Scattering is randomly copied on the screen - this does bring meaning Unexpected unexpected gains. You can't re-trigger this special free spin.




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