Loading the game, there is a fantastic sequence of animations. Anyone who has seen this movie will find strange familiarity. King Leonidas slowly walks into sight and looks very mean and moody because his cloak is in the breeze. Middle wing. Then before the main game opens, the scene cuts into a view of the hail and the consequences of the battle. This shows a 5 reel, 40 payline slots, symbols with main characters, and poker icons and some great bonus features.





The symbols at the top are King Leonidas. They only need to land on the 1st and 2nd rollers. The first is a dramatic image of his yelling at the enemy, between 10x and 500x, and near the spear and shield. The distance is very valuable between 10x and 750x. In the iconic image of Sparta's Legacy video slot, his face close-up, you only need 10 times the line bet, up to 1,250 times. While the standard winning line is made with matching symbols in an uninterrupted sequence, there are some useful wild symbols that can be used as any of the symbols listed above. In this way, they can complete a combination, or extend the symbol line to get a higher bonus, although the standard purple background wildness is not worth it.