The Ra the God of Sun video slot is a brave attempt by GamingSoft in the ancient Egyptian theme slot. With a few extra bonus games, jackpots and big bonuses, this slot will definitely compete for the dominance of IGT's Cleopatra titles. Ra the God of Sun can be played on the latest web browsers, and we've found that mobile-optimized versions work well on most tablets and smartphones.



There is a wild symbol in the slot to replace all regular symbols except bonuses and jackpots. If you arrange five symbols on the victory line, it is called Mighty Wild and rewards up to 30 times the total bet. Wildness will also be stacked to fill the entire reel and lock into place. When this happens, the player gets three free spins.


Mountains and lakes add to the glamour of the picture, and the scrolls are decorated with rustic wooden effects, surrounded by flowers and vines. The African-style soundtrack will be great, but when the reel spins, loud ringing and mechanical noise will drown it, so many players may mute it very quickly.



When the unique animal symbol appears, there are 30, 100 and 250 coins on the crematorium, and with the lazy, antelope, crocodile and jaguar rising steadily, until we reach the king of the special field - the rhinoceros, can get bigger reward. When he landed 3, 4 or 5 reels, he paid 150, 300 and 800 coins.


Since there is only a single victory line, the goal is to place a symbol type 3 on the reels, although a useful wild symbol will help create additional winning rotations, while decentralized rewards can be paid at any bet level.


The best victory happened when the green drum logo landed, because it was not only a reward of 25,000 coins, it was also a wild symbol. If 2 of any symbols appear on the payline, it usually does not result in a win, but if Wild is another symbol, it will be replaced and the player will receive the appropriate payment. However, it is even better than that, because a single wild on the line will double the base value of the bonus and having 2 wilds will double the value of the remaining symbols, so for example a single dragon and 2 wild payments over 20,000 .

Resurrection Dragons

There is a flickering flame on either side of the main game, and the columns of dragons wrapped around them are on either side. Above, we see 4 levels of jackpot function, and below is the control panel, the rotator sets their bets from the lower limit of 0.50, and they can also choose the fast spin mode, or let them rotate any on autoplay. Digital time.



A green ball has no obvious dragon links, but it doesn't matter, because it's a useful scatter symbol that triggers a free spin bonus game when it stops simultaneously in any 3 or more places. If only 3 appear, the player will see 8 additional games, and 4 scatters will roll out 15 spins. The best option is 5 or more, as this sees the beginning of 20 free games.


Loading the game, there is a fantastic sequence of animations. Anyone who has seen this movie will find strange familiarity. King Leonidas slowly walks into sight and looks very mean and moody because his cloak is in the breeze. Middle wing. Then before the main game opens, the scene cuts into a view of the hail and the consequences of the battle. This shows a 5 reel, 40 payline slots, symbols with main characters, and poker icons and some great bonus features.





The symbols at the top are King Leonidas. They only need to land on the 1st and 2nd rollers. The first is a dramatic image of his yelling at the enemy, between 10x and 500x, and near the spear and shield. The distance is very valuable between 10x and 750x. In the iconic image of Sparta's Legacy video slot, his face close-up, you only need 10 times the line bet, up to 1,250 times. While the standard winning line is made with matching symbols in an uninterrupted sequence, there are some useful wild symbols that can be used as any of the symbols listed above. In this way, they can complete a combination, or extend the symbol line to get a higher bonus, although the standard purple background wildness is not worth it.


The symbol includes a paper fan, which is four times the value of the line stock when it is on the 1, 2 and 3 reels of the payline, and four of them pay 12 times and 5 are worth 50 times. Crossed swords, a deadly throwing star and a warrior's mask are worth more, and high-value symbols are made up of heroes themselves.



The cherry tree is a scattering symbol, when it causes free rotation at any 3 or more places, 3 of which trigger 10 rotations, 4 scattering will start 20 bonus games, any 5 or more will see 30 rotations to play. Although there are no special symbols or multipliers, up to 30 bonus games should be enough to win some victories before the end of the round.


A large number of mountains soar behind the five reels of the Spirit Bear video slot, and lush ferns are placed underneath them. Native American woodcarvings surround the main part of the game. Below them, we find the odds table. . Here, you can choose to set only 0.15 from each rotation, one coin on each of the 15 paylines, or you can raise it to the upper limit of 300.00. If you want, you can set the reels to rotate faster, and the auto function lets them rotate themselves as many times as you wish.



The seemingly fierce bear is the main reward symbol for this game, although the reason for his dissatisfaction may be because he is a bright blue. When the bear stays on a line for 3, 4 or 5 reels, the reward is equal to 2 times, 20 times or 200 times the total trigger bet, and if so, he can also replace the high card or animal symbol and complete a winning combination. .

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Only nine paylines run from left to right, and a conventional winning combination is made by landing matching symbols on the line on 3 or more adjacent reels. Although the free Samurai Sensei video slot version is available, there is clearly no real cash win, and the low limit bet is only 0.09 anyway.


This also pays the highest victory in the standard game, 10 bonuses only need 2 bonuses, 3 values 40 times, and when it is 4 or 5, claiming a lot of bonus payrolls for 1000x and 4,000x line bets child. It can also replace the other symbols to complete the extra winning line, although it can't replace the 2 scatter symbols or the temples that start the jackpot round.

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