Money Fever

Fever Slots has hundreds of slots to choose from, all of which are included in the colorful website, with plenty of orange and purple. This site looks like Cadbury's caramel chocolate bar. Inviting as a fever slot machine may be, this is not a good thing. First, it does some annoying things. Whenever you leave the browser tab, the page displays a flashing message that says "Hey! Come back!" Lost.

It is worth mentioning that one element of Fever Slots is Spinathon. This weekly feature is basically a leaderboard that rewards the most loyal players. If you tend to spend some time scrolling the scrolls and chasing the distractions and wildness, then the weekly Spinathon will compensate you for something you might have lost in the process. Distributing £1,000 a week, the Spinathon page shows how many days, hours and minutes you need to get a piece of pie.