Cash Blox

Everyone has an unhealthy obsession with this game at some point in their lives. There is nothing more satisfying than inserting these shapes into the proper position to make a beautiful, neat line. Although, for the same reason, nothing is more frustrating than losing a line of empty space. This is a simple game, but it can bring the best and worst of all of us. Ash Gaming's "Slot Machine" game will give players a chance to regain all the linear satisfaction while playing a monetary reward to complete all the colorful blocks of the original Tetris game.

All prizes are for you to see in the payment table next to the play grid. In addition, the prize will be automatically updated to correspond to the selected bet. The available bets range from a minimum bet of 0.10 to 10 each time. The biggest bonus is 4000 times the total bet multiplier, which is obtained when four four times in one round. Therefore, the bettor can eventually win 40,000 chips with 10 credit total bets.