The background setting is an open ocean with a deep, attractive blue color that floats to a distant surface. Water is multi-colored, and outlines and shadows suggest that more marine life transcends direct scenes. At the bottom there is a pile of rocks covered with bright aquatic plants and corals. But wait.....! what is that? If you look more closely, you will also spy on a series of gold coins.





In order to win you need to match the symbols on the reels moving along the active payline from left to right on adjacent reels. Some symbols pay for two matches, while others won't reward you with bonuses until you match three. The Emerald Tail Mermaid is the highest award, winning 10,000 matches for five. She also uses doubles as a wild symbol to help make it easier to match the line. If you use the Mermaid to create a victory, your bonus will automatically double.