Monkey King

This new online slot is inspired by the legend of "One of the most popular superhero characters in the world - Sun Wukong". Many Westerners do not know that Sun Wukong (or Sun Wukong) is an immortal of the sky from Chinese traditional literature and is now re-emerging in modern pop culture. This legendary warrior is at the center of this original casino game, which is like a mix between roulette tables and online slot machines.


After pressing the spin button, the game will emit a "light" through 26 different sites. Character symbols and their different colors have 24 representations among these orders, and two of them are used to trigger small bonuses. If the rotation ends with the selected character and the "bright" of the same color, you will win the corresponding bonus. But if not, you will lose this bet. As the "lights" continue to rotate, the game also rotates a separate reel, which determines the outcome of the banker/player/tie bet. This way, even if your character loses, you can still win these bets, or if the "light" and special reels fall where you need, you can win twice.