As mentioned earlier, Pirate looks very much like the video slot game you have with such a name. These symbols contain a variety of items directly from Treasure Island, including a pair of machete, treasure maps and boxes, cannons and telescopes.


What we should note is that the frequent use of yellow is significantly more pronounced than the dark blue tones of the night sky in the background, making the game truly "popular" visually. The menu design is slightly different from other Igrosoft games, but it has the same intuitive and user-friendly layout in all video slot games. Although there are no free spins or jackpots, pirates do not lack the chance to win prizes. The basic jackpot is a huge 5,000 coin with just one coin bet - multiply by 225 and you look at an amazing six-digit jackpot! Then consider the bonus multiplier and the presence of wild and scattered symbols, and you are now considering serious revenue potential. Each winning spin can double or no change - simply guess the color of the mold as red or black.